If we were to explain the purpose of "The Ashers" as a company existing it would come down to fundamental beliefs about life and worth. We started working as wedding photographers because we wanted to be able to eat, pay rent and buy dog food. And we obviously enjoy it but why we enjoy it breaks down to two deeply felt beliefs. First being that life is beautiful. All the growth, mistakes and experiences we have throughout are achingly beautiful. Life is beautiful in this abstract sense but life and the world is also aesthetically gratifying in a very real way. There are so much allure and attractiveness to be found in the world and that’s exciting. 

The second fundamental reason for why we started this company is the belief that relationships matter. Who knows what might happen in the future but right now, right now you know who's right next to you. People matter. Choices matter. Being together matters. 

Photographs are just approximations of light and shadow, but it's what they can represent that makes them irreplaceable. Thats why we love helping to create and capture them. 

We believe that long hugs should come after a sad song reminds one of us of too sad a memory. We believe in saving post-it love notes. We believe in talking quietly when we argue, or trying to. Face-timing phone calls should happen when in the same house. And we believe that if it was possible to have photos of all of it they would be everything.  

We met when Ellie walked by Will and smiled at him. That turned into marriage in 2010. After both of us graduated with Bachelors of Art we knew we wanted to be in Portland so we moved in 2014 and started working together full-time as a husband and wife team. 

For us, starting as two broke college students living in a trailer with holes in the floor because we spent all of our money on camera equipment, to now, having  just moved into our first house and living our dream as full-time wedding photographers it all feels unreal. And it’s all because couples trusted us to photograph their day. We take that trust seriously and are forever grateful to everyone single couple who has helped us live out our dreams by inviting us to be part of theirs. 


 We are The Ashers. We are Ellie and Will.

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