I am the guy that is the closest to you on your wedding day. Literally. I hope that's okay! Photographically, I give you that  sense of closeness and intimacy to your day and  that "story-telling" quality that is so important when viewing the finished product.  I do approach the day with a documentary mindset, but you can trust me to be really upfront with you regarding posing and lighting in a way that is encouraging and uplifting. 

 This isn't to say that I take things too seriously either,  I am almost always the one cracking a joke and I fit right in with you and your Groomsmen getting ready. 

While I don't connect with you as much over email before the Wedding, I am largely responsible for all deliverables including Galleries, Albums and Polaroid Sets, so you are always welcome to come to me with any questions on that! 


I am the person you will be connecting with the most before/during and after your wedding! One of my favorite parts about our journey together is being able to work side-by-side with you on a timeline that allows for natural moments to occur between the two of you and your loved ones. My philosophy is, whether you are having an intimate wedding with close friends or a large scale wedding, our job  is to help set the expectation of what is needed to make amazing photos so don't be surprised if I come to you with suggestions for the best times for lighting on your wedding day!

While Will is the driving force for the story of your day visually, you can count on me to be the most vocal of the two of us.  I believe you are able to be your most relaxed when you are communicated with effectively from us and when you are comfortable, the photos in turn turn out more effortless and natural. 



We're not exaggerating when we say we love our job and the grounding it  provides us. Constantly being reminded about what really matters in life is why we value being around couples in complete and utter love.  

We try to not make it about us by avoiding being in the way and making things overly complex. We just want to set the stage properly, than it's about you as a couple, and it should be about you. 


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