Ulyana + Taras | Mountaintop Engagement Session

They told Ellie and I they wanted to go wherever we wanted to take them and when our couples do that our hearts crack just a bit.

The little ways they interacted with each other elevated their photos from pretty sunset images to a real impression of them as a couple. Which is what we always try to help happen with our couples, and Ulyana and Taras just made it so easy by letting their guard down a bit. Even with such a gorgeous landscape to compete with in each photo I still want to just look at them, which is a pretty good sign of a fantastic couple.






Katia & Hunter | Cape Kiwanda First Look

When I went to school for photography, I thought I wanted to be a Fashion Photographer. I remember being super pumped by the idea of dramatic poses, trying to be on the edge of art, working with superb model faces, and photographing gorgeous dresses. I'm not sure I had a mature viewpoint of what fashion photography was. I was justifying buying these ultra-thick false eyelashes that looked like bird feathers and thinking how cool it would be to put them on a girl's face... "think how fierce she will look!" 

Katia and Hunter remind me of how much my mind has shifted in 3 years. Being a wedding photographer has shifted from photographing girls in pretty dresses to being a part of someone else's life in a meaningful way. Being invited to experience something that is once in a lifetime for two people and tell that story has become something that has given my life more meaning and joy.

Katia and Hunter decided to see each other for the first time before their wedding day in one of my favorite places in Oregon, Cape Kiwanda. We were so glad they did, because the day was truly magic. 


Floral Arrangement: Brenna Burnett Designs