Location, Location! 4 Places to photograph near Portland!

Every time we shoot in Oregon our breath is taken from us. It is absolutely stunning. That Is one of the many reasons we are excited to officially relocate and settle down (besides our love for the many new brides we meet each year). 


This post we tackled just a few of our many favorite spots to shoot and we know that it will not disappoint you either!


1: Columbia River Gorge

This is an obvious one for me because I passed through it back-and-forth to get to college in Idaho. The Gorge is long and boring depending on where you are at, but coming from Portland up to (and a little past) Multinomah Falls never fails to inspire me. Even in winter this is the place to get some serious exploring done. The first picture listed below is a view from the top looking down.


2: Bridal Veil Lakes

Conveniently you can find this incredible spot off the highway as you are headed through the Columbia River Gorge. This is a venue that I had the privilege of Photographing (I blogged about it in my favorite Blogs portion of the site!) and I have been officially obsessed with it ever since. The middle is a secluded lake, surrounded by trails, so incredibly intimate and beautiful.


3: Downtown Lake Oswego (Foothills park)

Now I'll be the first to admit when you first get there you may think...huh?

But what I am eye-ing is that wonderful bit of natural reflector below. Yes, believe it or not that gravel is a natural light reflector, which comes in handy on the gloomy days in Oregon that can leave your photos dingy and drab. The touch of green in the background was a beautiful touch to make a seemingly boring place a little nicer.


4: Tryon Creek State Park (portland) 

This place gives me goosebumps. Located off Terwilliger Blvd, this place serves as both an educational retreat for youth, and just about the perfect place to have a walk on a nice day. You can almost never go wrong with a lush green forest, let alone a lush green forest with the right model (or couple) I plan on hitting this place up about a million and a half more times.  


We embrace the opportunity to travel to a location for a Bride + Groom Formal session. Being one of our most FAQ's, I am more than happy to elaborate further into what that is exactly. 

    Our top two packages offer a "Bride + Groom Formal session", while this isn't something that is required it is an opportunity to take advantage of beautiful scenery, or to try getting photos in a different location outside of their venue. This is often taken advantage of in a "first look" situation (when a groom views a bride for the first time in a surprise fashion before the ceremony).  

    An example where this would be beneficial would be if you are doing a destination wedding, or if there is a particular place of sentimental value to you and your fiancé. Either way, couples that would appreciate this are the ones who want to enjoy a private moment with each other, and this is a perfect way to do it!  



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