Your Wedding and the Importance of Florals

Pastel Florals
spring wedding flowers

        There are two types of Brides out there: Those that are obsessed with flowers, and those that are not. We get it, most of the time they come at a hefty price tag and half the time the flowers we like aren't even in the season we want them to be in! So annoying!

      So, for those of you who are thinking of canning the greenery, we give you a few points to consider.


1: Flowers help identify you as a bride:

I know what you are thinking.. "Are you serious? My dress is obviously what makes me a bride!"

While that is true, the dress MAKES you the bride, the bouquet has become culturally what we also use to recognize a bride. 

     One of my weddings this past year was a very simple and sweet elopement between just her and her fiance`. She hadn't considered flowers because obviously the key ingredient to her pictures was her dress, and the ceremony itself. Her dress was a short beautiful blush tone, and her hair was kept down as it naturally lays. Because her dress was alternative and her ceremony was so minimalistic, I encouraged her to get a bouquet because it would instantly help all those who saw these pictures identify her as the beautiful bride, rather than be mistaken for an engagement session.




2: Fragrance

One of the most commonly overlooked features of wedding flowers is their fragrance. While flowers are most noted for their beauty, you can instantly lift a stale ceremony/reception venue with some added freshness.

Historically flowers and herbs decorated a wedding space because bathing was not done as frequently as it is today, so smell and freshness have always been extremely valuable.



3: Flowers  elevate your theme.







It is amazing how there are gazillions of different ways to arrange flowers.  There is literally a flower for everything, and every occasion!

In terms of your wedding theme, flowers can be utilized to give your wedding colors more abundance, or can enhance your theme to be more real. Country weddings can use flowers to set the mood that guests are walking through a country garden. Boho weddings can use flowers to make their space feel more natural and organic...even Big City weddings can benefit to make their wedding more romantic or soft. The options are endless!

Plus... flowers just photograph amazingly! ;)



Think flowers are out of your budget? Your local florist has an answer! There are so many alternatives to expensive flowers that can still be elegant! Talking to a professional takes the guesswork out of planning and leave you with enough knowledge to make an informed decision!





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