3 Wedding Etiquette details you may not be aware of


3 Wedding Etiquette details you may not be aware of



     When planning a wedding most people realize all too quickly just how unfamiliar they really are to customs. Sure you've been to over half a dozen of these events, but that doesn't mean you know how to create a guest list or how to fold the napkins. When push comes to shove, a tight budget means you end up being the wedding planner, the interior decorator, and design expert! (whew)

    In the end, the more you know what is expected or customary, you can make better executive decisions on what details to keep and throw out. Wedding Etiquette may not be the exact blueprint for how your day will go but understanding your guest's expectations can make for an easier and more enjoyable experience for all!


1:  'Cutting' the guest list

 The best thing that you can do when deciding who to invite to your wedding is to identify who is a 'must-have attendee' and who isn't.

You are not obligated by any means to invite people who invited you to their wedding, and certainly under no expectation to invite co-workers or people you do business with. It is also important to let your parents know that no-obligation rule applies to parents as well.  

If parents are not covering the wedding costs, consider asking if they would be willing to accommodate the few extra guests they wish to attend, if they express frustration. If parents are covering the costs, than they get more leverage in decision making.

2: Telling guests to not take pictures at ceremony/reception

Guests can also block or photobomb the shot

 This is a detail we are seeing more and more in articles across the web. Increasingly this is becoming a problem for officiants, venues and photographers, causing blown out highlights with flashes, or even guests climbing over places they shouldn't to get the shot they want. The earlier this is mentioned to guests, the less problem you will encounter.

Don't be afraid to put this in the program or even as early as in the invitation. Many modern brides have even chose to take measures into their own hands on getting guests to put their cameras away, making handmade decorative signs visible as guests enter.



3: Accommodating visitors to a out-of-town Wedding   

 As soon as possible, (even before the invites go out) inform all guests traveling to your wedding of the possible hotels, and transportation options local to where your wedding will be held. While you do not have to book the plans for them, it is considered respectful to your guests so they can make informed decisions that suits their budget.

While it is not required to provide rides either, it could also be helpful to ask hotels if they could provide a shuttle for your multiple guests.

Fortunately, informing guests can be easier than ever with a wedding website equipped with all information necessary to make their trip as easy as possible. 

www.ewedding.com can provide you one for free in just minutes!


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