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 How To Plan:

Your Intimate Elopement


Will and I  specialize in helping couples plan the photography and timeline for their best days ever. In our 5 years as wedding photographers we have seen a trend rise up in elopements and intimate weddings.  Why is this just now blowing up when eloping is not a new concept?

As more and more examples of what a wedding can be are shared couples seem to be asking themselves with more clarity “What does OUR day look like?”

most self-aware generation to date, and self-awareness goes hand in hand with happiness.

I will disclaimer this post and say that people who have weddings that are traditional are still wonderful, and still amazing and there is SO much joy had in weddings, no matter what they look like! I am in no way bashing those who hold traditional weddings! 

This post is mainly to show that couples should be allowed to hold the wedding they want, not what their family or friends decide for them. The happiest couples are always the ones who are the truest to what THEY want on their wedding, and my job is to help couples achieve that truest form of happiness, no matter how it manifests! 

If you have ever given thought to wanting to have an elopement, but are unsure how to make that happen, here is a great resource on how to plan one! We SO hope it helps you!

 The location sets the mood and the vibes for your day.

What do you want for your Wedding?