Sometimes all you need is a patient person willing to break down what everything means.

When I became a mentor, I kept hearing the same thing over and over again:

 "I'm too stupid to understand facebook ads"


"I tried to do facebook ads, but I must have messed up. I guess I'm just not a tech savvy person".

Trust me. This was me about a year ago. Mid 2017, I had no idea what made an ad successful. I boosted random posts and I was throwing money down the drain.

 Come January 2018 I had grossed 10k in bookings on my Wedding Photography Business and year to date, including my slow season I was able to gross 25k in bookings. What happened to change my experience?  Honestly? Nothing revolutionary. I was hungry to seek out answers, and I sought the resources of my trusted friends and experts to bring me up to speed. I want you to know, sometimes that is all it takes to be brought to the next level in your business. That's how it happened for me, and that is how it can happen for you too! 


What I want to do with you is simply give you the opportunity to have someone patiently walk with you step-by-step in building ads. I want you to be confident what buttons to press, what you shouldn't press, and what it all actually means. I want to use your own business's images to guide you in the process of writing solid captions for your ads, and I want you to be able to have your ads seen EXCLUSIVELY by people who are genuinely interested in your services using the data you already have in your arsenal. 

My philosophy is, TRULY no matter how experienced you are (whether you have made a facebook ad before or not), you can very easily get brought up to speed, and I can make it happen for you! 


“It was theeeee best thing I’ve done for my business!! I can’t wait to implement everything”
— Krystal Capone

1:1 Facebook Ads strategy Course includes


-Start-to-Finish Marketing Plan using Facebook Ads as the focal Point

-Installation of the Facebook Pixel into your Website 

-How to use your Business Website and Social media accounts as a tool to target the prospective clients you want to work with

-How to set a Budget for a Facebook Ad/ Knowing how to save Money on Future ads by Creating Custom Conversions

-How to set a Budget for your Facebook Ads/Key tips on Saving money with Ads

-How to Select the RIGHT images and how to write copy that resonates with your ideal customer. 

-How to generate repeat customers and repeat visitors to your website 

-How to engage with customers that show interest in your ads


Do I have to be local to have a 1:1? 

No! Infact, I prefer this session to be over Skype or FaceTime so I can screen share and help you know exactly where you are at every step of the way!


How Long is the session? 

we go at your pace so you can take notes/ask questions and get a thorough understanding of what everything means. You can expect between 2.5 hours or up to 4.5 hours for the session!


How much does it cost?

The session fee is $300   


Who is Ellie?

Ellie is the co-owner of the kickass photography duo The Ashers Located in Portland Oregon. Aside from being a Photographer and a Facebook Ad Strategist, Ellie is best known for being an obsessive dog lover, local foodie and a frequent beanie wearer. When she isn't petting dogs, or following dog instagram accounts, you will find her baking chocolate chip cookies or exploring the local food scene. 

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