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Why you NEED to hire a Husband & Wife team

Trust us. Experience is everything.

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WHat is wrong with hiring a solo photographer for your wedding?

Truthfully? Nothing. Nothing is wrong with hiring one photographer to hire your wedding…but you are missing out.

Allow me to explain.

We are going to break down why a Husband & Wife (Or married couple duo) should be at the top of your priority list in your search for wedding photographers!

Reason One: We each come with our own equal creative strengths

When you have a husband and wife photography team, you aren’t just getting one strong photographer with a secondary assisting photographer, you are getting two photographers who bring their own creative expression and unique point of view aligned into a cohesive, intentionally well rounded gallery.

Solo-Photographers have one distinct point of view, one narrative, and one focus. This isn’t a bad thing, but when another shooter is brought into the mix, you aren’t quite sure what you are getting. You likely won’t meet who they bring on their team before hand. Additional Photographers hired on could vary in skill levels (sometimes lacking in the skill or experience to the Lead photographer), and you don’t quite know exactly if their portfolio aligns exactly.

With a Husband and Wife (or married couple) photography team, you are getting the benefits of the relationship, while also being able to trust that both partners are equal in terms of talent and experience.


Reason Two: We each can play to our strengths

In addition to hiring a team who both are strong shooters, you can also trust that the experience you get will play to each partner’s strengths.

For example: Will and I separate our roles and responsibilities into what suits our skill level. I (Ellie) take the time to prepare all our clients for their journey with timelines, site visits, and regularly scheduled meetings to make sure that expectations are outlined and our couples can rest easy knowing they are taken care of. While I excel in this, this doesn’t make me the most attentive photo editor or album creator.

This is where Will comes in on the back end. He allows me to do what I do best in the Pre-Wedding experience so he can focus solely on the finished product and ensuring everything is up to standard.

With a Solo-Photographer studio, you have one person doing everything or outsourcing what they aren’t strong at. While we never want to bash or disrespect those who operate their business differently, there is a real value brought to the table of all the work being done in-house and managed at the family level. This allows standards to be kept high and allows each of us to give you the best in all phases of the experience.


Reason Three: Clearer Direction and Guidance

With a Photographer team, effective communication and clear guidance is incredibly important. We have learned over the years that it is a fundamental requirement that we constantly guide our couples through posing during the session, not only for their comfort, but for the maximum efficiency during the photo process.

Many couples ask us how our photos look so natural, and the reasoning why is because we are able to take the reigns on any photo session or wedding and be able to communicate to achieve the common goal. During any one moment, I may be softly moving the hair out of your face, while Will is encouraging you to hold each other tight and guiding you with prompts to help each other relax.

While it is completely possible to have all these things with one photographer, we argue that having the blend of simultaneous direction and attentiveness to your body positioning or subtle movements perfecting the scene ads a layer of real comfort to the experience. Especially for those who aren’t used to being in front of the camera. These are the elements that take an experience from good to excellent. You deserve that in all aspects of your experience