Your story in polaroids

It started with an old camera found buried in a box outside a school classroom in Montana. What someone else intended to be trash became one of our favorite new additions to our business, Polaroids.  

So many couples yearn for something physical and tangible from their wedding. Having the ability to hold and touch and feel an artifact from your wedding is so valuable and precious. These polaroids open up a great venue to creatively challenge ourselves, and it currently stands as our number 1 differentiator as wedding photographers. 

How does it work? 

Polaroids are taken throughout the course of your wedding, reflecting the highlights of your day, or intimate moments that we see.

There are two different types of Polaroid film: Pack film (or peel-apart film) and Integral film. Both use a chemical process to instantly develop an image although most of the time when people think of Polaroid images they think of Polaroids made with Integral film. This is the classic square image set within a vertical glossy white frame. We prefer to shoot both types of film during a wedding and so most sets of Polaroid images a couple receives will include a mix of these two different film types.

Each set of images will be collected and delivered in a handmade keepsake box.

 No two print sets are the same, and we couldn't be more proud.

Interested in finding out more? Follow our sister instagram page @ellieasherpolaroids to see Polaroids from our recent weddings!