Jade & DJ

If you are looking for a photographer who understands the nuances of "being in love" and how to evoke that in pictures then Ellie Asher photography is for you! Husband and wife, Ellie and Will, bring a deep and beloved connection to the art of photography. Some of our favorite moments of our wedding journey was being in front of their lenses and somehow losing ourselves in the process. Ellie and Will just know how to create a space that makes everything else disappear. I wanted dark, moody, romantic pictures and that's what we got. Memories to last a lifetime, both in our minds and on film. It doesn't hurt either that they are both exceptional human beings! We cherish them and the journey we took together.

Jennifer & Austin

We were blown away at how Ellie and Will could portray so much emotion in our wedding photos photos. They weren't just nice photos, they were tailored for us and you can feel what we felt in those moments which makes them absolutely beautiful. We won't just remember what we looked like, we'll remember what we felt and for that we give our most sincere gratitude for your style and skill.

Ulyana & Taras

Ellie and Will are absolutely amazing to work with. We received masterfully edited photos that captured the emotions felt on our wedding day. They were so involved in our wedding, and put in a surreal amount of effort to make our lives easier when it came down to organization and execution. Furthermore, they are extremely down to earth and full of energy, yet also extremely professional and patient when the fast paced chaotic moments of the wedding day emerge. If you're looking for high quality photographers to document your special day, look no further. WARNING: Because they are so awesome, it is very difficult to let these two go.

Sierra & Eric

There are truly not enough gold stars in the world that could even begin to explain how absolutely amazing Ellie and Will are. From the very first conversation we had, they went above and beyond for us to make sure our wedding was perfect. Ellie is one of the absolute kindest and most genuine people i've ever had the pleasure of meeting. It is so evident how much she loves what she does, and there is nothing she wouldn't do to make sure your wedding and the photos you receive are everything you could want. The only thing more stellar than her personality is her talent as a photographer. Leading up to my wedding, she answered any question I could possibly think of, and came prepared with her own to make sure everything was beyond ready. The day of was absolutely flawless. She and Will had a plan and they completely nailed every single thing we talked about. They are such a rockstar team together. Having her with me throughout the wedding felt like a friend that was there. I completely trusted every single idea and vision they had and I could not be happier with it. Our photos turned out better than I could have dreamed of. If you want to re-live the best day of your life with every single photo, these are your people. Every moment was truly captured in a way you wouldn't even believe. Ellie and Will's eye for photography and aesthetics will surpass anything you would've come up with yourself. I am so beyond thankful I found Ellie and Will. They kept me completely at ease throughout the entire planning process and the day of. I don't think anyone else could've created such beautiful images and truly captured my wedding like they did. I seriously love them.

Maggie & Joe

Ellie and Will are phenomenal photographers and hiring them to be our wedding was hands down one of the best choices we made. They were totally professional and extremely talented. We were thrilled with how our pictures turned out. Not to mention, they are so much fun to work with and made taking pictures a breeze. I really can't recommend them enough!! .

Lisa & Devon

I cried when my daughter sent me the pictures Ellie Asher Photography took of her wedding. I knew they were good at what they did and I knew I would be happy with the pictures... What took me off-guard was how amazingly perfect they captured the beauty of the day. We felt that by far the most important thing that day was to have the perfect photographer. After the wedding is over the cake is gone, the decorations are gone, the food is gone, but the pictures that are taken last a lifetime. Looking at all the beautiful shots taken, I was in awe of how they expertly captured all the love and emotion of the day. They were easy to work with and so sweet. The best thing we did for our daughter's wedding, hands-down, was hire Ellie Asher Photography to take her photos. The second best thing we did was give Ellie and Will total control. By letting them do what they do best, by letting them exercise creative control, we now have the most perfect gift to give our daughter and son-in-law: gorgeous photos that they (and us) can treasure for a lifetime. On top of all that, the pre-wedding pics she took of them, their bridal shots, are STUNNING! They literally look like something out of a high fashion magazine. I have nothing but the highest praise for them .

Siloh & Craig

Ellie Asher Photography is amazing in every sense of the word. Her and her partner in crime Will do fantastic work. From the moment I contacted her as a possible photographer for my wedding I knew this was who I wanted, and trusted for my big day. Her style is what I would describe as whimsical and magical, somehow finding the perfect of incorporating natural surroundings and the people who are in the shot--making everything seem like something straight out on a PNW fairytale. Before we officially booked with Ellie my fiance and I met her for coffee. We had a nice chat about what we thought was important to capture for our wedding. She completely understood what we wanted to focus on, and her vibe was one that put us at ease. Immediately we knew that if we booked with Ellie we wouldn't have to worry about anything. Business-wise Ellie is very responsive. She got back to me right away every time I had a question about anything. For engagement photos she sent me a email that had helpful suggestions and hints in terms of ideas to wear, and what to expect for day. She also walked the venue with us and got the input of a few different locations that we would like to have pictures taken at. Working with both Ellie and Will have been fantastic and I can honestly refer them to anyone needing photography of any kind.

Maggie & Nathan

My wife and I have worked with Ellie twice now and to say they were both wonderful experiences would be an incredible understatement. Ellie and Will are a dynamic team that are uniquely capable of communicating exactly what they need from their subjects in order to capture the best and most expressive moments in multiple formats. Their genuine kindness and positive energy make the sessions fun and light hearted while staying focused. Combine that with refined technique and editing skills and ultimately you result in timeless photos that truly capture the emotion of the moment. We've worked with many photographers as a couple but Ellie has set the standard, and it's hard to want to ever work with anyone else. Simply put, hiring Ellie and Will to shoot your next session is a no brainer. You'd be hard pressed to find better!