Getting Married in Portland?

We are two portland native Photographers - We got your back.

You are probably wondering where are the best spots for photos, and how you can take advantage of the amazingness Portland's landscape has to offer. 

I'll be honest, when I first started photographing I was frustrated by the options that I found on google. It seemed like I was only getting the generic places like the Portland rose gardens, or  the park down the street. 

Whether you are bound to stick a few miles within your venue, or want someplace jaw-dropping, We will find you the locations that will showcase your love at its best. These are the tucked away little known treasures, or the places that will show your love on a grand scale! 

How do we help our clients with their Wedding Photo locations? 

Once we have had the chance to go over where you are getting married and your timeline, we send a personalized photo proposal. This allows us to visually show you what is possible for your wedding and gives you the chance to select the right fit for you! 

Cathedral Park Wedding.jpg

In addition to finding the PERFECT spot for you, we will also give you the personalized upfront guidance to encourage those subtle in-between moments. We want to give you that perfect candid smile that is always so hard to get on your own, and we want you two to feel like you can naturally hold one another in a way that makes you feel truly connected.

“Some of our favorite moments of our wedding journey was being in front of their lenses and somehow losing ourselves in the process. Ellie and Will just know how to create a space that makes everything else disappear.”
— Jade + Dennis Christensen



Who we are  

Husband and Wife Photographers Ellie and Will


Somewhere between our obsession with our dog and sarcastic sense of humor we found ourselves falling in love with Weddings. There is nothing quite like seeing people at their happiest, and being able to help them feel like their best selves in front of the camera. This is exactly why we chose to specialize and ONLY do Weddings, so we can take everyone and truly help show them as the best versions of themselves and help them feel comfortable in an experience they are just now experiencing for the first time.


   Just a few of our recent love stories... 


We would love to give you the most incredible experience with your wedding photography! Let us help make that happen

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